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Bad journalism shame file #2

In a recent piece for The Age, a management expert writes about the difficulties faced by foreigners working in Australia. One of the main themes is how to “fit in” with the locals (for want of a more neutral expression). This piece was written for “My Small Business”, a low-key special interest section of the newspaper. It’s fairly innocent stuff. Read More…


First snow in NYC

One of the pitfalls of writing a blog that’s all about questioning conventional things that suck accepted wisdoms is that you might give the impression you’re a cynical old bitch. Just to demonstrate that I’m not completely jaded, here is the first snow of the season in New York City as seen from my apartment window today.

I’m an Aussie and I don’t know what to do with snow. I’m excited. I feel the urge to run to the supermarket and stock up on industrial quantities of batteries and liquor.

Stephen Fry: the thinking sheeple’s genius

Stephen Fry

Once upon a time I was in love with Stephen Fry. What is there not to like? Erudite, creative, knowledgeable and humorous. On paper, he is the celebrity who is most likely to appeal to language-loving lefty types like myself. And QI is one of the most enjoyable shows on television.

Except that Stephen Fry has become a bit of an over-exposed, verbose, patronising old fart. Read More…

Beauty is in the eyelash of the beholden

Latisse - beauty is in the eye of the beholden.

Since being in the US I have discovered a potential new insecurity to add to my collection: the prospect of thinning eyelashes.

Latisse┬«, brought to you by the makers of Botox┬«, is a drug designed to cure a problem that I never knew was an actual thing. But thanks to the magic of television advertising, I have discovered that thinning eyelashes is indeed a real medical condition. It’s like, really scientific. It’s even got a name. It’s called eyelash hypotrichosis. Read More…

Witty or slutty

Witty or slutty: Halloween in the USA for the uninitiated foreigner

Halloween in North America for the uninitiated foreigner is an eye-opening experience.

My first ever visit to a Halloween costume store in the lead-up to my first ever Halloween was not what I had expected. I’m not a prude, but after entering the women’s section of the store and perusing the wares on display, I wasn’t quite sure where to look. A wave of middle-class anxiety briefly took hold of me. Wait, am I in a sex shop? Why are there brand names like ‘Leg Avenue’ and ‘Forplay’? Read More…

Bad journalism shame file #1

In what might be the worst piece of Australian journalism of 2011, columnist Paul Sheehan argues that the New Zealand All Blacks should be banned from doing the haka. Read More…

This is what happens when people discover music through YouTube

This is the first live performance I’ve seen from Lana Del Rey, the New York artist who has become an internet sensation and racked up millions of YouTube views even before a single track is officially released. Scalpers have recently been hawking tickets to her December show in New York (face value: $13) for $200 a pop on Craigslist. Hyped much? Read More…