Kerri-Anne’s alright by me

Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Last week, Kerri-Anne Kennerley (or, as she is also not-quite-affectionately known, KAK) was axed from her TV hosting job. Poor old KAK. For years, it’s been cool to make fun of this diamante-encrusted dinosaur of daytime TV. Always mocked in good humour, but mocked nonetheless. But not only is KAK too easy a target, she’s actually one of the few remaining women in her industry who wasn’t cast from a mould.

Sure, KAK’s wardrobe choices are a little tacky and her singing voice sounds like the illegitimate love child of Shirley Bassey and Grover from Sesame Street. But how often do you hear people point out KAK’s good qualities? She’s unpretentious and knows how to laugh at herself. On the surface she’s all glitz and glam, but when the job calls for it she doesn’t think twice about donning an unflattering velcro suit for the purpose of being ungracefully catapulted into a sticky wall. She also has a normal, healthy figure for a woman of her age and ain’t hung-up about unsheathing the bingo wings on national television.

Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t advise that you go out of your way to watch any of KAK’s television pursuits. (It’s called “light” entertainment for a good reason.) But in commercial TV land, the Kingdom of King Karl Stefanovic, women like KAK are sort of an endangered species. Or as of last week, possibly now extinct.

My dismay upon hearing the news of the KAK-sack can only be fully appreciated in the context of today’s media and entertainment scene. These days, we can’t visit the websites of what were formerly Australia’s most credible newspapers without being forced to wade through worthless junk stories about the latest piece of forgettable young fluff that now passes for a TV star. Wow, Ricki-Lee Coulter has lost some weight and now she’s an ‘it’ girl. If I was any less roused by Ricki-Lee Coulter, I wouldn’t have a pulse.

KAK might not have been to everyone’s liking, but she did show something that today’s stars often aren’t permitted to let slip: a personality. There’s also something to be said for a woman who fearlessly wears whatever the hell she feels like on national TV (no mean feat in today’s entertainment industry).

KAK’s replacement is rumoured to be the gorgeous, young, thin, charming and totally uninteresting Sonia Kruger. I have no beef with Sonia. I’m sure she was an A+ student in her How To Exchange Delightful But Safe Banter With Your Co-Host 101 class at TV presenter school. She will probably rate the pants off KAK. And let’s be honest: if KAK is the best female presenter we can come up with, we’re doomed. But, deep down, a small part of me is sad that we’re unlikely to ever see another TV presenter who genuinely doesn’t care that her muffin top is showing on national TV.

So ladies and gentlemen, please raise your bejewelled wine goblets from Copperart and join me in farewelling Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Or depending on how you look at it, welcoming Australian commercial TV’s final slide into uniform blandness.


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7 responses to “Kerri-Anne’s alright by me”

  1. katypotaty says :

    I freaking LOVE Kerri-Anne – she was loud, blonde and hilarious. My nan LOVED her and I swear that she was the BEST advertisement for QLD ever. I’ll miss her on TV. Horse-face Kruger and her sidekick Coke-head David Campbell are so dull.

    • Sheeple Liberator says :

      Thanks for commenting Katy 🙂 I love your username by the way.

      Yep, it seems like TV stars are getting more and more dull. When you look back to the “golden days” of TV you had all these interesting characters like Bert Newton, Graham Kennedy, Denise Drysdale, Don Lane etc. They’re not necessarily my favourites, but people still remember them now because they each had their own personality. Will anyone remember today’s stars in 40 years?

  2. subtlekate says :

    I think Sonia could morph into a KAK. She already has the dress style.
    KAK is a bit like your favourite aunty. You want to sit next to her at Christmas because she can be counted on to say something to upset everyone and then you can have a giggle behind your holly-printed napkin.

    • Sheeple Liberator says :

      When I was putting the graphic together for this post, every second image I could find of KAK had her at some social event with a glass of wine/champagne in her hand. And she always looks like she’s genuinely enjoying said wine/champagne, instead of just attending these events to smile and pose for the cameras. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her 🙂

  3. Sheeple Liberator says :

    Thanks Miss DR 🙂 I agree, I think Oprah’s a smart woman. I think she “got out” of the industry just in time, to be honest. People criticise her (and they’re not always wrong) but when you think about the 1980s context she was definitely a woman of her time.

  4. Miss Demure Restraint says :

    The way you describe KAK, I kind of like her. She sounds like her own person and in today’s “got to fit the airheaded, size 0 mold” being different usually results in being discarded. It makes me wonder if Oprah was out there today trying to sell the show that made her a celebrity billionaire, would anybody buy it? People drive me crazy with Oprah this and Oprah that, but I have to give the woman props. She is putting Rosie O’Donnell back on the air and not some brainwashed Barbie doll.

    Me, I’ve turned the tube off and only use it to watch movies and a few streaming series that I choose and have NO commercial interuptions. I may be behind the times on my TV viewing, but I hope I’m saving a few brain cells.

    I love your blog!

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