Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Plaza, NYC

Worth standing 2.5 hours for, even amongst all the crazed Justin Bieber fans. I might bring a hip flask next time, though.


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6 responses to “Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Plaza, NYC”

  1. No* says :

    I envy you!!! (although I wouldn’t get anywhere near Bieber’s fans)

  2. mackenziew says :

    You’re braver than I. I’d rather stay home and watch in my house then go see the tree when there aren’t cameras around. Of course, the people still are…

  3. heathrobots says :

    I might be enamored with my “bamboo tree” at the moment, but I also have the picture of my family posing in front of the 2007 Rockefeller Center tree on my coffee table. Looks just as impressive this year! Congrats on not being clawed to shreds by Beliebers.

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