Female empowerment fail

NASA Barbie

Spotted recently at a Smithsonian Institution gift shop in Washington DC. I’m not sure what I like more: the pearl earrings or the carry-on luggage (‘cos a girl can’t go to the moon without her hair straightener!). Maybe NASA space missions need flight attendants?

Update: the Armstrong Air & Space Museum actually describes the doll as a “flight attendant” on its website. There is no hope for humanity.


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8 responses to “Female empowerment fail”

  1. Miss Demure Restraint says :

    Doesn’t every space mission have a “flight attendant”? She was a pilot in 1990 and a Star Fleet officer in 2000. I think the least they could do is designate her a mission specialist. Come on, hasn’t our plastic princess put in her time and earned a little respect?

    I think the pearl earrings say it all!

  2. Peta says :

    For a second I thought it read “space cow” instead of “space crew” … that would have made headlines.

    They haven’t even given her helmet hair… *shakes head*

  3. Bee says :

    I love this!

    • Sheeple Liberator says :

      I agree that on one level it’s a bit of harmless fun. What disappoints me is that this doll is being sold by respected educational organisations like the Smithsonian, not Toys ‘R’ Us. The Smithsonian is a hallowed national symbol of learning, education and enlightenment in the United States, FFS! 🙂 It’s like, “yes girls, you can dream about studying science and growing up to be an astronaut, and you can also do this while looking like Barbie, wearing pearl earrings and toting around your carry-on luggage”. Is that the best the Smithsonian can do for little girls? Seriously?

  4. Mudmap says :

    A friend of mine who is a software engineer runs an alter-ego called “Computer Engineer Barbie”

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