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The Angry Birds merchandising juggernaut is now officially out of control

Angry Birds - they're coming

First it was the plush toys and the t-shirts. Then it was the movie. The creators of the world’s favourite game for mobile devices, Angry Birds, aren’t just brilliant game developers; they’re also shrewd merchandise licensors. But for anyone who suspects that this never-ending quest to milk a fad for all it’s worth knows no bounds, your suspicions have now been confirmed by the release of Angry Birds, The Cookbook. Read More…


Australians are losing their bullshit detectors

Spring Racing Carnival

One of the advantages of being overseas in November is that I’m able to completely bypass the middle class festival of crass that is the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. Read More…

Stephen Fry: the thinking sheeple’s genius

Stephen Fry

Once upon a time I was in love with Stephen Fry. What is there not to like? Erudite, creative, knowledgeable and humorous. On paper, he is the celebrity who is most likely to appeal to language-loving lefty types like myself. And QI is one of the most enjoyable shows on television.

Except that Stephen Fry has become a bit of an over-exposed, verbose, patronising old fart. Read More…

This is what happens when people discover music through YouTube

This is the first live performance I’ve seen from Lana Del Rey, the New York artist who has become an internet sensation and racked up millions of YouTube views even before a single track is officially released. Scalpers have recently been hawking tickets to her December show in New York (face value: $13) for $200 a pop on Craigslist. Hyped much? Read More…