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Police pursuit deaths are an exercise in the bizarre

Let me ask you a question: do you believe that pursuing offenders such as car thieves and speeding motorists in high speed car chases is worth risking the death of those offenders, their passengers or even innocent bystanders? My view is that this might be justified if such deaths were exceptional, rare occurrences. Except that these are no freak accidents. Read More…


The poor people need regulating

The anti-alcohol lobby does it again

The Age has reported today that “poorer” areas of Victoria have more liquor stores per capita than “richer” areas, prompting calls for tighter alcohol controls in poorer areas. That’s interesting; I thought the anti-alcohol wowser movement only hijacked mainstream media on weekends via the Sunday Age. They must be expanding. Read More…

Moral outrage and corporate sponsorship: are we digging our own grave?

And now for a message from our sponsor

I’ve been thinking about the Kyle Sandilands debacle a lot this week.

A quick primer for my international friends: Kyle Sandilands is an Australian radio and TV presenter. He is also a vile person. Read More…

In defence of the S word, or why I only ingest things which are non-trademarked nouns

Diet Coke

No one can deny that consuming too much sugar is a big problem in the Western world. So big, in fact, that in recent weeks alone we’ve learned via the mainstream media that drinking sugary soda is responsible for:

  • increasing the risk of heart disease, even in skinny women (NBC);
  • 75% of 15-year-olds in Ireland having tooth decay (Irish Examiner); and
  • causing teen violence (Fox News – who else?).

Yes, there are terrifying health stories about sugar everywhere. Sugar is now officially a bad guy. Up there with pedophiles, hand germs and Dr Conrad Murray, sugar is now a demonised villain that 9 out of 10 consumers would like to banish forever. Read More…

Beauty is in the eyelash of the beholden

Latisse - beauty is in the eye of the beholden.

Since being in the US I have discovered a potential new insecurity to add to my collection: the prospect of thinning eyelashes.

Latisse┬«, brought to you by the makers of Botox┬«, is a drug designed to cure a problem that I never knew was an actual thing. But thanks to the magic of television advertising, I have discovered that thinning eyelashes is indeed a real medical condition. It’s like, really scientific. It’s even got a name. It’s called eyelash hypotrichosis. Read More…