The Angry Birds merchandising juggernaut is now officially out of control

Angry Birds - they're coming

First it was the plush toys and the t-shirts. Then it was the movie. The creators of the world’s favourite game for mobile devices, Angry Birds, aren’t just brilliant game developers; they’re also shrewd merchandise licensors. But for anyone who suspects that this never-ending quest to milk a fad for all it’s worth knows no bounds, your suspicions have now been confirmed by the release of Angry Birds, The Cookbook. Read More…


Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Plaza, NYC

Worth standing 2.5 hours for, even amongst all the crazed Justin Bieber fans. I might bring a hip flask next time, though.

Kerri-Anne’s alright by me

Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Last week, Kerri-Anne Kennerley (or, as she is also not-quite-affectionately known, KAK) was axed from her TV hosting job. Poor old KAK. For years, it’s been cool to make fun of this diamante-encrusted dinosaur of daytime TV. Always mocked in good humour, but mocked nonetheless. But not only is KAK too easy a target, she’s actually one of the few remaining women in her industry who wasn’t cast from a mould. Read More…

Moral outrage and corporate sponsorship: are we digging our own grave?

And now for a message from our sponsor

I’ve been thinking about the Kyle Sandilands debacle a lot this week.

A quick primer for my international friends: Kyle Sandilands is an Australian radio and TV presenter. He is also a vile person. Read More…

Hotel hair dryer rage

When hotel hair dryers attack

Why do wall-mounted hair dryers in many hotels come without any kind of attachment to fit on the end? Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Blow-drying your hair without a concentrator or diffuser attachment is a perilous proposition, raising the prospect of frizziness, split ends and/or the dreaded “big hair” (unless you’re one of those women with naturally perfect hair – bitch). For most of us, contending with these unwieldly beasts and their crude, aimless airflow is a futile exercise. We might as well go stick our freshly showered heads behind the jet engine of a Boeing 747 or under the hand dryer in a public bathroom. Gahh! Read More…

In defence of the S word, or why I only ingest things which are non-trademarked nouns

Diet Coke

No one can deny that consuming too much sugar is a big problem in the Western world. So big, in fact, that in recent weeks alone we’ve learned via the mainstream media that drinking sugary soda is responsible for:

  • increasing the risk of heart disease, even in skinny women (NBC);
  • 75% of 15-year-olds in Ireland having tooth decay (Irish Examiner); and
  • causing teen violence (Fox News – who else?).

Yes, there are terrifying health stories about sugar everywhere. Sugar is now officially a bad guy. Up there with pedophiles, hand germs and Dr Conrad Murray, sugar is now a demonised villain that 9 out of 10 consumers would like to banish forever. Read More…

Australians are losing their bullshit detectors

Spring Racing Carnival

One of the advantages of being overseas in November is that I’m able to completely bypass the middle class festival of crass that is the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. Read More…