Back in action

Streets Family Favourites - Booyeah

It’s really nice to be back in Australia. With the internet at her fingertips it was tempting for this traveller to think she was still in touch with everything going on back home. Wrong! A few mind-blowing, extremely important discoveries:

  • Britney Spears’ ex-husband and Australian football personality Robert “Dipper” DiPierdomenico are about to appear in a reality TV show together. (And they said it would never happen.) Am I dreaming?
  • Apparently Australia now has an answer to Justin Bieber. Oh hang on, the 17-year-old tween magnet explains that he’s actually “the anti-Bieber at the moment”. Um, okay.
  • Streets has released a “Family Favourites” box of 20 ice creams comprising Golden Gaytimes, chocolate Paddle Pops, pine lime Splices and classic Magnums. There are no words to describe my excitement.

That third one has tipped the scales. That’s it, I’m never leaving Australia again.


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11 responses to “Back in action”

  1. ememby says :

    Ads for #1 totally cracked me up – so glad we were able to export K Fed to Australia. And #3 makes me totally jealous!

  2. Michael Cargill says :

    I clicked on the MTV link and was taken aback with what I saw. The self-styled anti-Bieber looks like a complete and utter penis.

    I thought you meant Streets the band by the way. I was well confused.

  3. patokeeffe says :

    Haha…finally K-Fed and Dipper appearing together on TV!

  4. Valentine says :

    OMG I want a box of those ice-creams. And WHAT seriously, Dipper & Dippy in a show together? LOL. I have 315 days to wait until my return visit to Australia. That is too long to wait for that box of ice-creams – woe is me : (

  5. subtlekate says :

    Family favourites have pride of place in my freezer right now. That alone was worth coming home for.
    Welcome back.

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