Poll: what fate must befall my preppy American shoes?

Since my return from the Land of the Chinos I’ve been attempting to sort out all my clothes and determine which ones are worth keeping and which are headed for St Vincent de Paul. However, there’s only so much Ralph Lauren polo shirtage one can take before becoming completely desensitised to the subtle difference between “polished classic” and “annoying wanker”.

So friends, please tell me what to do. Should the shoes stay or go?


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6 responses to “Poll: what fate must befall my preppy American shoes?”

  1. magsx2 says :

    I used to worry about things like shoes as well, but being an “oldie” as far as I’m concerned, if they are comfortable to wear, they are good shoes. There is nothing worse than being out all day with sore feet. πŸ™‚

  2. Susannah Bianchi says :

    I’m preppy and I think they belong in the vintage side of your closet. Jeans, button-down, white socks, a cardigan thrown over your shoulders. Hey, that never goes outta style.


  3. Sheeple Liberator says :

    Ha ha! Hey they look pretty sturdy πŸ™‚

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